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The simple way to cook.

Before you continue, I must admit, I am not a perfect writer, and I am not a perfect cook, but lets face it, neither are most people. I started this blog for two reasons; to have a creative outlet and to share with my friends the simplicity of home cooking- it's not that hard! If you love food and have been wanting to get better at cooking but just haven't found where to start, you just did it, you're in the right spot! Now go grab yourself a glass of vino and let's get cookin'!

About Me

"Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it." -Julia Child

The key word here is "find." I stumbled upon cooking at 22 years old, I had no training, no classes and no background growing up in a household that often cooked. I cook because I have found the process is relaxing and enjoyable and feeding someone is my ultimate (sometimes only) expression of love.

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